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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ecce Porpentine!

We have a rather classical theme to our Porpentine tags.... what with "Carpe Porpentine" being the motto under our, ahem, guidon. (Pretentious? Nah, we just struggle to find our tent on a crowded camp site...)

So - behold the Porpentine.

Brief introductions. Kitty, which is me, and the Wascally Woyalist, which is my fiance. Both in the Sealed Knot- English Civil War re-enactment society - me Parliamentarian, him Royalist. Doesn't cause many arguments. Honestly. I've been sewing for years, having always been somewhat inclined towards the gothic end of the fashion spectrum. I love velvets and satins and lace, I love big skirts and merciless corseting.... I mean, really, 17th century re-enactment was just made for me, really, wasn't it?

Anyway, we're getting married in late 2007, in 17th century kit, at Trerice near Newquay in Cornwall, UK. (Which is about 10 miles from where we live - most convenient, though I wouldn't want to walk there...) So the ongoing saga of the wedding dress will doubtless be a constant theme from now until then....

We've also got a couple of other projects in the pipeline, which will be revealed in good time....


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