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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Queen of Air and Darkness

Me. And what the heck can a girl wear if her nearest and dearest is bedecked in Chinoiserie, without clashing horridly....
Whilst making a horlicks of ordering suitable fabric samples (note to self: they haven't arrived yet, perhaps they're too embarrassed to be seen in company?) my eye lit upon a rather splendid black and red shot taffeta. Having a care for the size of my behind, and not wishing to be mistaken for part of the upholstery at this ball, I think a dress with panniers in shiny taffeta may be a small fashion faux pas. However, it would make a divine petticote.... and so the Queen of Air and Darkness is invented.
Being a shy and retiring sort I would find it near impossible to go to this ball and be "myself" in a big dress. On the other hand, I can put a persona on to suit the costume. 'Twould be terribly dull if the lady in the panniers turned out to really be a civil servant.... one has to enter into the spirit of these things!
So - black brocade for the polonaise, huge hip pads and a pillow under the bum, and the beauteous taffeta for the underskirt.


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