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Friday, July 29, 2005

Regency Foolishness the Second

Funnily enough, the first thing we decide on is the flashy brocade. Which is shiny and green and has excitable-looking dragons scrambling all over it. I can't get it into my head that it's green and not blue, and so order assorted blue fabric samples for the coat lining. It isn't what you might call subdued by any stretch of the imagination. Is it authentic? Is it hell. It's definitely more "Plunkett and Maclean" than Jane Austen. Which is probably just as well. We don't do tasteful....
Anyway, this astonishing fabric arrives from eBay with alacrity, and our postman goes blind.
Moral dilemma - is it quite fair to expose any area of this stuff to an unsuspecting public without providing protective eyewear?
However, its...ah.... greenness solves another problem, which is that as of now I'm dmnd if I'm going to make him a suit in anything other than the darkest shade of forest velvet I can find. Gold sequins, check. Embroidery, check. Big frilly cuffs and buckled shoes - um, maybe. But no more patterns. We are not going for the New Orleans pimp look here. I put my foot down. So.
Some research dredges up a rather fetching pattern for a 1770s coat and vest which strangely enough we had been considering from a photo in the book "Historical Costume in Detail." So there we are. He's sorted. Admittedly, we still have to find a wig and other suitable accessories - including poking stick - but we've got the basic dilemma sorted. Which brings us to....


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