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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cheriton looms...

Radio silence for the next few days from the family Porpentine, who will be in Hampshire getting married for the edification of the general public. Silk ribbon knots all sewn to my skirts ready to be pulled off by the guests. Poking stick at the ready to fend off the adventurous should the guests get too lively...

Spent last night packing the rucksacks ready to go, I think I have everything (including a hot water bottle in case of rain... oh I love camping...)Tonight to make my authentic bread and if I remember to pick some blackberries from over the road. Lots of linen squares to tie our cheese and bread up in.

Quite excited....determined not to buy any kit from Traders' Row mind, but excited.

I do want to try and find myself some parchment though for making reticella lace, which seems a perfectly admirable thing to do on the Living History site.
The lace I've made so far - which admittedly I tend not to finish but that's laziness more than anything - has all been card or plastic sheet templates. If I get some parchment I will post the patterns up!


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