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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Does my bum look big in this?

Still sulking about the waistcoat. Spend the day sewing binding to the edges of my stays. Sewing through canvas with a leather needle is painful work. Bloodstains on my corset lining? how authentic!

Also thinking hard about underpinnings - cork rumps and all that. Not being entirely sure where one finds a cork rump - an *rse extension, to all intents and purposes - it would seem that an appropriate substitute would be the bum roll, the 17th century instrument of torture intended to make one's backside the size of a small planet. I haven't got one. (A bum roll, that is, not...) Before I start to make one I must consider just how big it needs to be. I'm thinking rolled-up pillows here. 5-6 inches in a crescent shape round the hips, tapering to nothing at the front so there's no bulk at the front of the skirt - just sides and back. I decide to try draping a skirt on the dummy when I've got the corset finished. Ideally the bigger the bum roll the better, within reason - more contrast between waist and skirt.


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