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Friday, August 19, 2005

Lord Rochester is in the building....

The Pimp is in.....! Posted by Picasa

The stunning waistcoat! This is it in its full remarkably green glory. Structurally, it's finished. It still needs buttons - which have been ordered but which haven't arrived yet - and it's still awaiting the gold braid..... the braid has been on it but I've unpinned it all the better to show the stages of construction. But there it is.
And my black brocade arrived today.... I've had it out on the bed stroking it lovingly and admiring it. Beautiful brocade! I've got the heavy black lace sleeve ruffles finished, sewn to tape to attach inside the sleeve.

PS this photo really is in our kitchen the bedroom is in too horrid a state of fabric-y mess with 10 yards of black brocade piled on the bed. Ahem.


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