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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Suits you, sir.....

DISASTER! Waistcoat all sewn together and ready to press. Looking splendid. All tried on, fitted like a shiny green second skin with skirts. Mmmm. Dashing. Foolish here, having spent the last 12 months working in nothing but natural fabrics, forgets that the aforesaid shiny green is 100% artificial silly dress-up stuff, cranks up the steam iron to "steam" and sets to with a will. Fifteen seconds later, a regrettable sizzling noise and a small melted burnt patch on the front of the splendid waistcoat.
Having briefly thrown my toys out of the pram I have three options.
1) Cut a completely new front panel. Will certainly solve the problem, but I had the remnants of that brocade earmarked for making another waistcoat.
2)Put a patch over the offending area - it's an idea, but not sure that a big clunky patch is quite the thing on a swish court waistcoat.
3) Patch it, and then embroider (or applique or in some other wise apply bling decoration) over the burnt bit.
Hmmmmm. Wonder which it's to be. Looks like... "The pimp is IN!"


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